Tips on How to Make Neat and Correct Handwriting

Everyone definitely dreams of being able to write neat and correct writing, because neat and correct writing will make it easy for us to read an article. Seeing the neatly arranged writing will make us more comfortable and make us happy to look at the writing for a long time. Handwriting is an art, so good or bad writing depends on who writes and enjoys writing it. 

Here I will present some tips based on my experience. If this is not in accordance with you please understand, because everyone has their own opinion. 

You must be comfortable when writing

You must pay attention to the position of the seat, pay attention to the position of the chairs and benches. If our position is comfortable we will easily make neat writing. Besides that we also have to pay attention to the position of our feet, look for a foot position that we think is comfortable is what we must do, all of that is done so that we can feel comfortable. We also have to choose a writing tool that we think is comfortable to use both a notebook and pen. Pens and notebooks each have their own variations, so you have to really pay attention to them.

Consistent in writing

Consistent here is divided into three, namely consistent in making fonts, consistent in writing between letters, Consistent Spacing between one letter and letters of shape, position, and size.

  1. In making the font, the letters from start to finish must be the same. If from the beginning the shape of the box letter to the end also has to be a box, don’t let the box shape be combined with round letters to make it look neater.
  2. The distance between letters must be the same, here you must pay attention to the distance not too close or too far so that the writing is easy to read. 
  3. The distance between words must be the same, not too far or too close. so that reading is easy.
  4. the shape of the letters must be the same, if the writing is straight from beginning to end it must also be straight and vice versa if the writing e is italicized it must be consistently italicized. If in writing the letters are mixed between straight and italic, it will make our writing unattractive.
  5. The position of the place must be the same both at the top of the midline and at the bottom of the line, if the position of the line is not the same as the top and bottom is mixed, it will make our writing
  6. Equalize the size of the writing if from the beginning of the writing it is small to the end it must also be small, don’t make the writing big and small. large and small writing will make your writing less attractive.


Learning to write capital letters and Latin letters, always pay attention to the height and the lowercase of the letters. If we always practice writing letters, we will get used to writing neatly. don’t feel bored practicing it so that you get used to writing neatly.

I hope the tips above are useful! always practice the tips that I have given so that your writing is neat and correct. If you have other tips, you can add them in the comments column. Have a happy day, don’t forget to smile.


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